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About Me

This is me, around age 40, high
cholesterol, overweight, pre-diabetes
on it's way. Feeling doomed!

To look at me now most people would never guess that for over 30 years I struggled with a myriad of health problems including Hormonal Issues, Epstein Barr and Pre-Diabetes.


I have suffered with excess weight and low energy off and on for years. As a self proclaimed yo-yo dieter, I've tried several types of weight loss gimmicks, programs and diets just to gain the weight back again. With a history of Colon Cancer on my mothers side and Heart Disease and Type Two Diabetes on my father's side, I realize that just because it "runs in the family" doesn't mean I have to accept it as my personal fate. When I turned 50 I felt pretty good. But then I turned 60 and after so many years of bad habits, I was starting to struggle, both physically and emotionally.


Health has not always been a priority for me, but I eventually realized it was time to get serious and quit playing around. Learning what works through proper nutrition, proper movement and proper rest has been life altering.


FINALLY, at 67 years old, I have discovered the best kept secret, Fruits and Vegetables, Beans, Grains, Nuts and Seeds.


I look forward to the REST of my life being the BEST of my life.  WON'T YOU JOIN ME?

Aida Woodward Age 40 overweight, high cholesterol, and pre-diabetic
Aida Woodward at age 67 at a healthy weight and having more energy than in her 30s
Image by Nadine Primeau
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